Montag, 9. Mai 2011

multiMAN 2.00.00 veröffentlicht!

Dean hat seinen multifunktionalen Backup-Manager updatet!
Die Version 2.00.00 bringt eine neue Oberfläche mit sich, womit das Menü aussieht wie das XMB!


01.16.08 - 

* Added: support for pads connected to any port
* Added: support for BD remote controller and MOVE controller (buttons only)
* Added: support for custom/theme mouse pointer
* Added: support for spoofed FW 3.55 to 3.56/3.60
* Changed: display mode #3 (works faster and looks better now)
* Changed: proper scroll to last game in display mode #2

01.16.09 -

* Added: new display mode (fullpng=6)
* Changed: up to 2048 files/folders in file manager

01.16.10 -

* Added: reflections to [Box art] display mode
* Added: cover-boxes to [4x2] display mode
* Changed: multiMAN icon

01.16.11 -

* Added: Boot progress messages
* Added: Feature to rename game titles [SELECT]+[O]
* Added: Check if game has split files (.666xx) upon game launch
* Fixed: FTP server properly shows "modified" date/time stamp

01.16.12/13 -

* Added: new options in options.ini: [usb_mirror], [verify_data] and [download_dir]
* Added: support for new version of "ebootFIX" tool (PSN-style XMB games)
* Added: support for ™, © and ® symbols when renaming game titles (converts (TM) (R) and (C) to ™, © and ®)
* Changed: Max number of games in the list set to 2048
* Added: [START]+[SELECT] restarts multiMAN
* Added: RELOAD.SELF to multiMAN USRDIR folder (this way multiMAN can be launched from other applications)
* Added: support for XMB*.PNG images in themes (XMB0.PNG->PIC0.PNG, XMB1.PNG->PIC1.PNG, XMB2.PNG->PIC2.PNG)
* Added: proper detection of spoofed firmwares
* Added: /ps3_home/archive folder for .mmiso. experimental support (not available yet)
* Fixed: Prompt to change PARAM.SFO when launching newer games
* Fixed: Prompt to change PARAM.SFO version even when PS3 FW version is the same

01.16.14 -

* Added: New display mode (8x4) with support for 32 titles on screen
* Added: Navigation with LEFT and RIGHT analogue sticks in game modes
* Added: Installed homebrew apps with RELOAD.SELF can be launched via multiMAN
* Added: PIC0.PNG+PIC1.PNG overlay when creating cached images (clear cache to get it)
* Added: Abort "Setting access permission" by pressing [O] or [^]
* Added: Support for condorstrike's helpMME help application from within file manager (press [X] over the HELP button)
* Added: Skip initial scan when multiMAN is spawned by its RELOAD.SELF
* Added: SBOX.PNG image for themes (supports shadows, covers, docks) for 8x4 display mode
* Added: Multiple files OR folders copy/delete/move in file manager (select with [SELECT] button)
* Added: Up/Down can move and scroll through pages in File Manager mode
* Added: new option in options.ini: [scan_for_apps] to scan for RELOAD.SELF compatible apps
* Added: No initial scanning for games (loading much faster)
* Added: Filemanager left/right panes are restored on multiMAN start
* Added: AUR5.JPG image used for 8x4 display mode
* Fixed: Bug when output resolution is 576p/720p
* Changed: Spoofed firmware detected by CRC check of dev_flash files
* Changed: Better copy/backup progress indication (even for games with very large number of files)

01.16.15 -

* Added support to launch video files from file manager by spawning Showtime player
* Special version of Showtime player required to handle video playback from multiMAN
* Added CBOX2/GBOX2.PNG for themes with full alpha transparency
* Fixed issues when launching games on WN/WT firmwares
* Fixed rare issue with select+x games from USB with too long path names
* Improved initial scan (no scanning for games when not needed)
* Improved 4x2 and 8x4 display visualization

01.17.00 -

* Added: New sub-menu to set game specific options (press R1)
* Added: Latest version of Showtime by andoma and helpMME by condorstrike
* Added: Support for 5 user fonts (change with SELECT+R3)
* Added: Custom font for Showtime in fonts/system/showtime.ttf
* Added: Showtime with support for Windows-1251 codepage for Cyrillic SRT subtitles
* Numerous fixes, improvements and additions

01.17.01/02 -

* Interface update
* Simplified and cleaner look
* Slick and professional feel
* Link XMB VIDEO files to Showtime option in "System Menu"
* Launch Showtime option in "System Menu"
* Game options: press SQUARE
* System menu: press TRIANGLE
* Updated version of SHOWTIME MEDIA PLAYER (codepages Windows-1250 and 1251)
* "Favorites" menu in next version
* Themes must be updated to reflect latest changes
* More options added in COLOR.INI for theme creators
* user_font added in COLOR.INI for theme creators
* game_bg_overlay added in COLOR.INI
* "Cover not available" cover in some display modes
* "[O] Save" in submenu changed to "[O] Back"
* Updated the "Original theme" to reflect the recent changes
* Changes to the Game Options sub-menu
- support for PNG covers
- display of game version and ps3 firmware required in title name
* Changes in File manager
- TRIANGLE - one directory up
- UP+R2 - to top of list
- DOWN+R2 - to bottom of list
* Support for REBUG firmwares (properly working BD mirror function)

01.17.03/04 -

* Initial public release of XMB display mode
* Favorites column in XMB mode
* Playback of video files from VIDEO column in XMB mode
* Playback of audio files from MUSIC column in XMB mode
* FreeType Font support and legend for slide-coverflow display mode
* Clean-edged freetype fonts in all modes but one
* Stability improvements

02.00.00 -

* Fully working XMMB display mode (XMB clone)
* Editable options in "Settings" column of XMMB mode
* Game Covers and Game Poster in XMMB Game column
* Improved XMMB scrolling, speed and reliability
* "Themes" option in "multiMAN/Home" XMMB column
* Changed options/options_default.ini
* Direct Boot method changed
* SELECT+X auto-sets BD-Mirror option and is remembered
* A lot of other stuff


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